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Sydney Hoarding Services for your Building Site

Oriel Building designs and tailors its hoardings to suit each client. We are sensitive to your needs, and know that safety is paramount to your every operation. This is why we go above and beyond to design safety balustrades that uphold your standards, and that ascribe to national safety guidelines.


Prior to the commencement of each job Oriel will consult its team of engineers to ensure that all safety standards are met and surpassed to ensure that its hoardings are of an industry leading quality. We work closely with our engineers in the Sydney area to provide hoarding services that will exceed your expectations. Our tight-knit network of highly trained engineers ensures your hoarding is completely viable, so you can get on with the job without worrying about safety.


Along these lines, we ensure that each of our projects meets safety standards across the Australia and New Zealand regions. We work underneath legal documents such as the AS and NZS 1170.0 to produce building equipment of the highest quality. It’s all part of what positions us as leaders in our industry.


Our robust process will assist every one of your building projects

Before we start any job, we will sit down and determine your precise business needs, including figuring out the size of your building site, to design hoarding that meets your goals precisely. This means we are able to create products that help you complete your best work, no matter your exact project details.


Contact our Sydney head office for more information

For full project management for your hoarding, please do not hesitate to contact Oriel Building for more information. Following our initial discussion on your project, we will determine the appropriate timeline and design a project that fits your requirements.


We also provide A-Class and B-Class Hoardings so that, depending on your project scope, you will be able to access the right tools for you.


Please phone 02 9389 1408 or 0413 756 600 or email We also have an online contact form for your convenience.