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We supply commercial safety nets

If you are in the building, construction or manufacturing industries, working with safety is key. There is nothing that matters more than your worker’s wellbeing. This means that access to superior quality safety products is simply a must. Without safety gear, a project may never get off the ground, meaning a significant loss in money, time and productivity.


Even more important is your workers’ safety; you want to ensure their workplace is one that makes them feel secure, and that they are able to go home comfortable at the end of the working day.


At Oriel Building, our safety nets provide you the peace of mind that your wellbeing is being taken care of. Each net is as robust as possible, made with exceptional materials.


Particularly if you and your staff are working at heights, or in potentially dangerous scenarios, our commercial safety nets will give them the tools they need to complete the job with ease.


Each net ascribes precisely with Australia-wide safety standards, drawn from the AS/NZS 1170.0 legislation. This means that our safety products are safe to be sold and hired anywhere in the New Zealand and Australia with ease.