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B Class Hoarding Products for Your Sydney Building Site



In the building industry, B Class Hoardings are a vital part of any project. They not only allow the site manager to control the building site better, but they restrict access to anyone who’s not authorised. What’s more, the barriers, constructed around the outside of a site itself, restrict the impact the building site might have on the environment and surrounding residences.


Oriel Building provides a swift and efficient way to organise customised B Class Hoardings for your site, so you can protect both your staff and the wider public. Working to your exacting project standards, we will construct premium hoardings that provide you the peace of mind that you are maintaining state-wide safety standards.


B Class Hoarding products of superior quality


By working extensively with its team of engineers Oriel Building is currently developing a unique modular system of A Class or B Class Hoardings that can support site sheds or be customised to fit any client requirement.


Our engineers allow us to exceed expectations and create balustrades that will withstand the test of time. We are able to match your project goals to our designs to create a tailor-made


Our point of difference lies in our attention to detail and our extensive training. We only work with people who uphold the strictest safety standards, to ensure you receive the highest quality building equipment. We draw our safety guidelines from AS/NZS 1170.0 standards, which outline the proper practice for building manufacturers across Australia and New Zealand. It is through this that we have secured our position as industry leaders, able to produce high-quality products at a touch. 


Contact our support staff in Sydney for more information

For an on-budget quote breakdown that fits your exact project, contact our customer service team in Sydney. We will provide you will full details on our scope, and help you determine the ways we would be beneficial to your project’s overall safety.


Call today on 02 9389 1408 or 0413 756 600 or email We also have an online contact form for your convenience.